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Innovative and attractive Customised corporate gifts in Singapore

The Gift and Paper Company

A Singapore based company, The Gift and Paper Company has been a prominent store for corporate gifts across Singapore and Malaysia. It has been in the business of selling different types of papers, corporate things, banners etc. since 16 years. The items that can be found here consist; Bath and Spa products, Glassware, Paper products, Leather Ware, Electronic gadgets, Bags, Pouches, Packaging, generic or personalized Planners and Notebooks. The company has an exclusive unit dedicated entirely for designing. They are leading providers of customized articles required for personal as well as corporate purposes.

Corporate gifts

The Gift and Paper Company is a versatile store containing number of different products that are used in our daily lives:

·       Bags

The store is filled with bags of variety of kind such as two way casual bags; regular backpacks from different brands, sizes, colours and patterns; handbags, multipurpose bags, laptop backpacks, luggage bags. You can find different foldable cabin bags which you can carry in the airplane cabin while travelling. You can buy colourful foldable Tote bags, Stylish backpacks, Toiletries bags, travelling bags, knapsacks, Jute and sports backpacks. The store provides a wide range of PVC folders, transparent as well as colourful pencil pouch and document bags to use for seminars. For electronic gadgets, they have two way sleeves for tablets and laptops. You can easily choose your preferred colour on the website.

·       Pens

You would probably not find the range of different types of pens that Gift and Paper offers anywhere else. They have collection of regular metal ball pens, plastic pens, wooden pens, bamboo pens as well as scientifically engineered eco-friendly pens, mechanical pens, Recyclable pens etc. This wide range of pens spreads over brands like Parker and Stylus. You can find pencils and pen boxes made of magnetic metal, wood, paper and plastic among the pen store.

·       Household items and leather ware

The grand store of gifts helps you out with the everlasting question of gifting your friends and family. The excellent variety of household items like lunch boxes, water bottles, thermo and ceramic mugs, cutlery, food containers, key holders, vacuum and thermally insulated bottles and mugs would solve all your doubts related to gifts. Classic leather ID holders and wallets can be customized to make special surprise for special people.

·       Stationery and Electronics

The store has a collection of stationery items and electronics. Book cloth products such as Photo frames, Albums and bind Notebooks are exclusively available on Gift and Paper. You can also find general stationery like colourful notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, folders and exquisite PU organiser sets.

The electronic store of Gift and Paper consists of wide range of Power banks of up to 10k mAH. Different colours and styles of Power banks are available. You can get colourful and attractive wall clocks that add up to the look of your walls. Stylish lamps and number of different and unique torch lights, speakers, hand fans, wireless mouse and travel adaptors decorate your everyday life.

·       Environmental friendly products

The Gift and Paper Company has an exclusive section only for environmentally friendly products. This section is free from plastic and other materials that are not degradable and cause harm to the environment. A huge range of bags made of paper and cloth make up a major part of this section. Sacks made of woven material, jute bags of variety of different sizes, colours and used for different purposes can be found here. Boxes, key-chains and memo-pads made of cardboard or wood are available for sale.

Other products such as umbrellas, tool kits, pillows, towels, lanyards are available in variety of colours and sizes. With Gift and Paper Company, you have nothing to worry about your casual needs. This is a one stop store for all your corporate and gifting needs.

Customized series

This section of the Gift and Paper Company is a unique and characterizing feature of the store. You can ask for special requirements such as printing or unique shape of products available at the store. The store offers distinctive types of products with customizable looks that suit your requirements. Almost every stationery product such as pens, notepads, folders, memos, notebooks, envelopes, paper bags etc. can be availed with desired looks. You can also look for utensils, locks, water tumblers, food containers and other household articles.

Banners and Printing

Gift and Paper Company provides another types of products which are different types of Banners and stands. You can get A-stands for your posters or banners placed indoors or outdoors and artist canvas with wooden frames. A wide range of custom banners in different types and sizes are available. Easy roll up banners, flying curve shaped banners, flags, double side banners, Popup posters in different shapes like curve, straight and tower and necessary accessories can be bought. Life sized foam boards of personalities, paper foam boards are available with specific design indications.

Brands available and the Clientele

The products available at the Gift and Paper Company are composed of highly reputed brands like Parker, Moleskine, Mahrker, Ungaro, Prodir, and Cerruti. Innovative and customized products along with the quality of trusted brands make up the entire closet of the store. The clientele of the company is a huge group of highly reputed brands all around the world. CNBC, MTV, Hitachi, Discovery, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Ibis group of hotels are some of the big names who chose Gift and Paper for their needs. The company has been featured in the Singapore Gifts and Premium Fair every year since 2012 and in 4th, 5th and 6th International Gifts and Premium Fairs.


The Gift and Paper Company is just like a big stationery store which includes interesting products from different brands. It provides services for special requirements for custom designing of products. The innovative and creative ideology behind every product is a unique feature of the company. The company strives for excellence and caters to the needs of customers in every way possible. The Singapore based company with increasing number of clients from across the globe is on its track of becoming one of the leading companies among its likes all around the world.


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