Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Get 25% Discount on Your First Order of Our Brand Pens

The Gift & Paper Company is reputed for selling and distributing quality corporate and customized gift items across the whole of Singapore and Malaysia. We have a wide range of collections of different kinds of corporate and customized gifts on our online store catalog to suit your needs.

We sell different types of premium corporate gifts such as Books / Journals, Pens, Bags, Umbrellas e.t.c. We also personalize your gifts and incorporate top designs and creativity so as to deliver the best to you. You can choose any gift items you want and we will customize them to suit your personality and make sure you stand out in the crowd.

All our products are from different top brands and they are all of top quality to meet your expectations. We take the satisfaction of our customers as our utmost priority and this is why we create innovative ways of how we can continuously satisfy our esteemed customers and make them happy.

We sell all our products at premium wholesale rates and also deliver them to your doorstep as fast as possible. We have dedicated professionals to give answers to all your questions and needs regarding corporate and customized gifts. We are available at any time to serve you and deliver your orders to you in one piece.

The satisfaction of all our existing and prospective customers is our desire and this is why we have come up with another exciting promotion for all our customers.

Enjoy a Discount of 25% on Your First Order of 500 Pens and Above

At The Gift & Paper Company, we have different collections of different brands of Pens. Our wide range of high-quality pens are produced by different top brands that specialize in corporate gift items. Our wide range of pens comprises of different designs and colors to suit your occasion and needs.

As part of our continuous effort and desire to always make sure our customers (both existing and prospective) are always happy and satisfied by our services, we have come up with another promotion for our Prodir brand of Pens. All first order of Prodir Pens that are min of 500 pieces will enjoy a discount of 25%. This means that when you purchase 500 pieces of Prodir Pens, one-quarter of the total amount will be deducted from your total payment.

Prodir is one of our trusted reputable brand company that produces top-quality pens of different designs, shapes, and colors. Check our online store catalog for different designs, shapes, and colors of Prodir pens that are highly recommended for your gifting needs.

All buyers ordering Prodir pens for the first time are the ones that are going to enjoy this discount promotion. Take advantage of this exciting mouth-watering discount promotion and make your order now up to 500 pens and receive an instant discount of 25%.

Do not enjoy this promotion alone, also tell your friends, colleagues, family members and everyone around you so they can also be a partaker of this exciting discount promotion.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Order up to 50 pieces of our Mahrker Brand Notebook Journals and get 10% discount

The Gift & Paper Company is a reputable and unique online store in Singapore and Malaysia that sell and supplier all types of corporate and customized gift items. We have a large collection of premium corporate and customized gifts that you need for your corporate and personal gifting purposes. With our unique and branded gifts, you are sure to make a mark and stand out in the crowd.

We sell in wholesale and deliver right to your doorstep within a short period of time. We sell many different kinds of corporate and customized gifts such as books, pen, Lanyard, Umbrellas, Bags, home utensils, e.t.c. We customize any kind of gift items that you want to suit your needs with utmost professionalism and great perfection.

Our services are second to none and our company is all about excellent delivery and customer satisfaction. This is why we put together our professional and collective efforts to deliver to our esteemed customers the best quality services with regards to corporate and customized gifts.

Enjoy Our 10% Discount Promotion on our Mahrker Notebooks

At The Gift & Paper Company, we have different brands of notebooks to suit your desire. Our range of corporate and customized notebooks are available for you to make your choice and order as many quality notebooks as you want. All our notebooks are from reputable brands that produce top-quality notebooks in different sizes, colors and styles to suit any occasion both in the corporate world and contemporary world.

Our customer happiness and satisfaction is our priority and so we are always creating ways on how to make them happy and satisfied. This is why we are given out a discount promotional services on our Mahrker brand of notebooks. Our Mahrker notebooks are of high-quality and are of different beautiful colors and sizes.

We are offering 10% discount for every minimum order of 50 pieces of our Mahrker notebooks you make. This means that when you make orders for our Mahrker notebooks up to 50 pieces, you will get a discount of 10%. (which includes 1 logo customisation, plate charge and shrink wrap) This is part of our effort to make sure that our customers are always satisfied and happy with our services.

We are aware that customers are the bedrock of every business and its success depends on their patronage. This is why we take all our existing and potential customers very seriously by engaging in different promotional activities per time in an effort to give back to our customers and thank them for their patronage.

This promotion includes all our Mahrker notebooks, regardless of the size or color. This offer is on until the end of February, so take advantage of this promotion and make your orders to the tone of 50 pieces and get 10% off. You can order in bulk as many as you want and get all your orders at discounted rates of 10%. Don’t miss this opportunity, share this information with your friends, colleagues and other people around you so they can also be a part of this great promotion.

Visit us @ http://www.giftandpaper.com/corporate-gifts/brands/mahrker.html


Sunday, 7 January 2018

How Customized Umbrellas Help in the New Business

New business finds it difficult to compete with already established businesses and brands. This is why it is imperative for business owners and managers to look for new ways and strategies to get new customers and grow in business. Springing forth from the start as a new business to a well-established business demands dedication and innovative ideas.

As a new business owner, there are different ways to apply in order to get new customers for your business but these ways might not be yielding the results you desire and they might also be funds demanding.

Research has shown that promotional items such as pens, notebooks, journals, household utensils and particularly customized umbrellas are the most effective and cheaper ways to promote new business and gain more customers. This is because these items have the name of your company and logo printed on them so prospective customers know about your business anytime they see those items.

Importance of Customized Umbrellas in Promoting New Business

Umbrellas are used by everybody both young and old, literate and illiterate. This is why it is one of the most effective means to promote your business and get more customers. To grow in your business, you will need to apply simple but smart move because the market is already saturated with similar business so you need to create smart ways in order to be known by more people.

As a new business owner, you need to create a good impression in the mind of prospective customers so that they will be willing to patronize your business or do business with you. It may seem like a difficult task to think of better effective ways to create a good impression, this is why we recommend the use of custom printed umbrellas because they are cost-effective and also publicity efficient.

There are different types of umbrellas such as the foldable umbrellas that are mostly used by women and easily movable as you can keep it inside your handbag. This is especially more advantageous to use as custom printed umbrellas for publicity. There is also the straight umbrellas that are mostly used by people working in the office. It can be kept at the back of the car. This is also good to use as custom printed umbrellas to publicise your new business.

If your business is an eatery business, you can share these custom umbrellas printed with your company name and business logo to all your first time customers. You can achieve better results on the first day of opening the restaurant, share the umbrellas to everyone that came on the day of the grand opening as gifts.

If you are into other business, you can create ways to meet more people. You can as well go to parks or shopping malls and gift the umbrellas to as many people as possible.

If you are searching for where to get customized umbrellas to buy in bulk, it is available at TheGiftandPaperCompany. Any amount and design of custom printed umbrellas are readily available for your needs.


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